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Livorno FuГџball FuГџball Italien Serie B Video

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Livorno FuГџball Video

The British and their Protestant allies were important to its trade. During the Italian campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars of the late Eighteenth century, Napoleon's troops occupied Livorno with the rest of Tuscany.

Under the Continental System , the French prohibited trade with Britain, and the economy of Livorno suffered greatly.

The French had altogether taken over Tuscany in , incorporating it into the Napoleonic empire. After the Congress of Vienna , Austrian rule replaced the French.

In , Italy succeeded in its wars of unification. At that time it counted 96, inhabitants. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Livorno had numerous public parks housing important museums such as the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori , Museo di storia naturale del Mediterraneo , and cultural institutions as the Biblioteca Labronica F.

During the s, numerous villas were built on the avenue along the sea in Liberty style on design by Cioni. In the early 19th century, the first American-born saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton , converted from Protestantism to Catholicism while visiting Italian friends in Livorno.

The city suffered extensive damage during World War II. Many historic sites and buildings were destroyed by bombs of the Allies preceding their invasion, including the cathedral and Synagogue of Livorno.

Livorno's citizens in recent decades have become well known for their left-wing politics. The Italian Communist Party was founded in Livorno in Livorno has a hot-summer mediterranean climate Köppen climate classification Csa.

Summers have warm days with the heat lingering on throughout the night, hence going above the subtropical threshold in spite of its relatively high latitude.

Winters are mild for the latitude due to the influence from the Mediterranean Sea. Ferdinando II de' Medici considered, in , the opportunity to enlarge the town, on project by Giovanni Battista Santi, toward north in an area included among Fortezza Vecchia and Fortezza Nuova , in order to give an adequate space to the maritime and commercial activities.

There was the need to build a mercantile district, close to Porto Mediceo , provided with houses and depots to store the merchandise and a system of canals to facilitate their transport.

The Chiesa di Sant'Anna , dedicated to Saint Anne , was built in on the ground of the Arch confraternity of the Company of the Nativity; [19] in the same year Giovanni Battista Santi died and the control of the project passed to Giovanni Francesco Cantagallina though the works slowed down due to the lack of funds.

The paving of the roads and along the canals in Venezia Nuova was provided in , [21] while the Pescheria Nuova New fish-market was built in close to the Scali del Pesce where the fish was unloaded.

In the s Venezia Nuova was the district of the Consuls of the Nations and of the most important international retailers who had the warehouses filled with goods from everywhere waiting to be shipped by sea to the most different destinations.

The palaces along the canals had the turrets from which to see the ships approaching the port, moreover they had the stores at the canal level to facilitate the unloading of the goods from the boats.

The Venezia Nuova district retains much of its original town planning and architectural features such as the bridges, narrow lanes , the houses of the nobility , churches as Santa Caterina da Siena and San Ferdinando , and a dense network of canals that once served to link its warehouses to the port.

Ferdinando I commissioned it to Giovanni Bandini in to carry out a monument in white Carrara marble to represent him in the uniform of the Grand master of the Order of Saint Stephen which in that period prevailed in several naval battles against the Barbary pirates.

The monument was completed in , shortly before the death of Bandini which occurred on 18 April, [22] and arrived to Livorno by sea from Carrara in Ferdinando I projected to add four statues of moors prisoners at the pedestal of his monument and gave the task to Pietro Tacca in [22] but the monument remained in a corner of the square till 29 May when it was inaugurated by Cosimo II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

During the French occupation of Livorno, from to , the monument was removed from Sextius Mollis commander of the French garrison because it represented an insult to the tyranny , as soon as the French left the town the monument was put back in its proper place.

During World War II the monument was transferred in a protected place in order to avoid to be damaged by allied attacks, the statue of Ferdinando I was hidden in the Pisa Charterhouse and the four moors in the Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano.

The Acquedotto Leopoldino and the neoclassical cisterns of Livorno were part of a sophisticated scheme to provide water to Livorno.

La Gran Conserva , or Il Cisternone , situated on what were the outskirts of 19th-century Livorno, is the largest and best known of the city's covered cisterns.

At the beginning of the 19th century arose the need to connect the Medicean road system of the Pentagono del Buontalenti to the new eastern districts of the town, on the other side of the Fosso Reale , and the requirement to dismantle the city gate Porta a Pisa.

The solution adopted in was that of Luigi Bettarini which considered the coverage of the Fosso Reale with an imposing vault , meters long and 90 meters wide, [25] creating an elliptical paving.

The portion of canal covered by the new structure continued to be navigable. The new square was commonly called Piazza del Voltone until , then Piazza dei Granduchi in honour of the Lorraine dynasty until , in the period of the Italian unification was named to Carlo Alberto until June when was given the current name Piazza della Repubblica.

The Terrazza Mascagni is a wide sinuous belvedere toward the sea with views to the Livorno hills, the Tuscan Archipelago to Corsica , and the Port of Livorno.

It is located on the site of the Forte dei Cavalleggieri Cavalrymen Fort built in the 17th century by Cosimo I de' Medici to deter pirate raids, [28] , subsequently replaced by a leisure park in the s, and a heliotherapy centre in the early s.

A new parterre , built between and by Enrico Salvais and Luigi Pastore, was formed by a series of flower beds and a walkway which follow the outline of the sea with numerous balustrades named after Costanzo Ciano.

The Terrazza has a paved surface of 8, square meters formed by 34, black and white tiles placed as a checkerboard and 4, balusters.

In the Livorno Aquarium was constructed. After the war the Terrazza was dedicated to Pietro Mascagni and in it underwent a complete restoration using the same kind of materials originally employed; the works were completed on 10 July with the reconstruction of the gazebo.

On 13 June a building, placed in Via del Porticciolo , was purchased for the sum of seven thousand ducats , in order to accommodate the Community.

It was evident that it was inadequate to the task and the Council deliberated, on 27 January , the construction of the new town hall on project by Giovanni del Fantasia.

In the the complex was enlarged with the acquisition of three other buildings in the back. Damaged by the bombing during World War II it was rebuilt and renovated under the direction of Primavera and was inaugurated in by the mayor Furio Diaz.

The original plan was drawn up by Bernardo Buontalenti when he projected the new town. The construction begun in June on a reviewed plan by Alessandro Pieroni under the direction by Antonio Cantagallina.

The church had a rectangular plant with a single nave, the original wooden ceiling, executed from to , was carved by Vincenzo Ricordati [34] and gilded with seven inserted paintings.

The church was consecrated on 19 February by Monsignor Nunzio Antonio Grimani; on request by Ferdinando II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany , in , was elevated to collegiate church and the Curato was substituted from a Proposto having the functions of the Vicar of the archbishop of Pisa.

The left side chapel, dedicated to the Eucharist , was built on project by Giovanni del Fantasia with frescoes by Giovanni Maria Terreni and the altar attributed to Giovanni Baratta, The right side chapel, dedicated to Immaculate Conception , was built in and was decorated with paintings by Luigi Ademollo.

The Collegiata in was elevated to cathedral and in was added the bell tower 50 meters high on project by Gaspero Pampaloni.

The Church of the Madonna is placed on the homonymous street which connect directly the city centre with the district Venezia Nuova through the John of Nepomuk bridge.

According to the tradition the church was built to host the statute of Our Lady of Mount Carmel subtracted from a Turkish ship.

The construction begun on 25 March on project by Alessandro Pieroni and was completed in ; the church at first was dedicated to Saint Mary , Saint Francis and Saints Cosmas and Damian but in was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception following an enlargement of the building.

The church has a rectangular plant with a single nave and groin vault , on each side there are the three altars of the foreigner Nations.

The altar of the Corsica Nation, which at the time was under the Republic of Genoa , has a painting representing John the Evangelist.

The altar of the Portuguese Nation built in the 17th century had a wooden statue of Saint Mary until when this was positioned near the main altar and replaced by one of Anthony of Padua.

The church is called Unite Greeks too because was the worship place for the Greek community of Byzantine Rite once lived in Livorno.

At the end of 16th century numerous Greeks came to Tuscany to take service aboard the galleys of the Order of Saint Stephen.

The church was built in on project by Alessandro Pieroni , was completed in and consecrated on 25 March The interior has a single nave and the ceiling is adorned by a coffer structure with a central painting representing the Annunciation by Giovanni Domenico Ferretti It was founded around and contains over Carrara marble graves of notable people from 10 different nationalities.

The cemetery was closed in and a new one, still active, was opened. Up in the hills the Sanctuary of Montenero , dedicated to Our Lady of Graces , the patron saint of Tuscany, is a destination for pilgrims.

It is famous for the adjacent gallery, decorated with ex-voto , chiefly related to events of miraculous rescues of people at sea.

The origin of Fortezza Vecchia takes place not far from what once was Porto Pisano Pisan Port where a square tower was built in , on request of Matilda of Tuscany , on the remains of a Roman tower; in the Pisans built a massive cylindrical tower, 30 meters high erroneously called Mastio di Matilde Matilda keep.

In this fort was connected to a wall in order to defend better the town and the Darsena. The construction was suspended since the popular revolt forced the Medici in exile and was resumed in on their return.

Fortezza Vecchia is a massive fortification completed on 1 April under Alessandro de' Medici ; it was built in red-brick with sloping walls and the interposition of clear stones, it has a quadrangular plant with a perimeter of meters and was equipped with 24 cannons to protect each side.

The bastion toward north is called Capitana because there moored the main Galley , to east is Ampolletta since housed the sand-glass used to control the guard duty, to west is the Canaviglia derived from Cavaniglia the name of the commander of the galleys of the Grand Ducky of Tuscany.

The land on the side toward the town was excavated in order to have the fortress surrounded by the sea for a better defence. The successor Francesco I de' Medici built a small palace toward the sea, later became Porto Mediceo , on the top of Canaviglia bastion situated at the entrance of Vecchia Darsena.

On the opposite side was built a church dedicated to Saint Francis where on 19 March Ferdinando I de' Medici elevated Livorno to the status of city.

The origin of Fortezza Nuova New fortress take place at the end of the s, by the adjustment of Baluardo San Francesco Saint Francis rampart and Baluardo Santa Barbara Saint Barbara rampant of the project commissioned by Cosimo I to Bernardo Buontalenti with the intention to develop a new urban plan of the town that led to a pentagonal shape surrounded by canals.

The original project was then modified by Don Giovanni de' Medici , Claudio Cogorano and Alessandro Pieroni to allow the construction of Fortezza Nuova in order to strengthen the military apparatus of the town.

The works started on 10 January and ended in , the result is a considerable fortification, in stones and red bricks, with a polygonal plant surrounded by water; the new modification brought to the construction of Forte San Pietro Saint Peter fort to defend the Venezia Nuova quarter.

The fortress was heavily damaged during World War II with the destruction of the most part of the buildings, the restoration was completed in and the superior part is used at present as public park and centre for events and displays.

Francesco I de' Medici gave to Bernardo Buontalenti in the task to project the ideal town in order to transform Livorno from a fishing village in a fortified town to accommodate 12, inhabitants, [50] to include the original settlement and the Fortezza Vecchia , capable to become the trade centre of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The development of the project led to a pentagonal plant as in use in the Renaissance period, each side meters long, with defensive walls, rampant and five bastions at the vertices, surrounded by canals; the fifth bastion coincided with Fortezza Vecchia.

The plan gave no information regarding the function of the new urban area, indicating only a series of building blocks within a road system absolutely orthogonal, cardo and Decumanus Maximus.

Francesco I de' Medici laid the first stone for the construction of the Baluardo di San Francesco Saint Francis rampant of the new town on 28 March ; the works went on with several changes compared with the original plan including the construction of the Fortezza Nuova.

In it was decided to create a huge square, at halfway of Via Ferdinanda , where to build the church of the new town. The Italian Naval Academy is a mixed-sex military university in Livorno, which is responsible for the technical training of military officers of the Italian Navy.

By the beginning of the 17th century, Armenians operated shops in town. The project was by Giovanni Battista Foggini and the church was completed a few years later, but did not open for worship until Destroyed during World War II, it was partly restored in but is not open to worship.

The first Greeks who settled in Livorno early in the 16th century were former mercenaries in the fleet of Cosimo de' Medici and their descendants.

This community grew and became significant in the 18th and 19th centuries, when Livorno became one of the principal hubs of the Mediterranean trade.

Based on its status since the late 16th century as a free port port franc and the warehouses constructed for long-term storage of goods and grains from the Levant , until the late 19th century Livorno enjoyed a strong strategic position related to Greek mercantile interests in the Black Sea , the Mediterranean Sea , and the North Atlantic.

The conflicts between Great Britain and France during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, with associated port embargoes, piracy, and confiscation of cargoes, played out to the advantage of those Greek merchants willing to accept risk.

By the s, Greek entrepreneurs gradually replaced the Protestant British, Dutch, French and other merchants who left the city. The Greeks concentrated on the grain market, banking and ship-brokering.

Cargoes of wheat from the Black Sea were received at Livorno, before being re-shipped to England. Returning ships carried textiles and other industrial goods, which Greek merchants shipped to Alexandria and other destinations in the Ottoman Empire.

Men from the Greek city of Chios controlled much of the trade. In Livorno had ten major commercial houses, led primarily by ethnic Greeks and Jewish Italians.

The ethnic Greek community nazione had a distinctive cultural and social identity based on their common Greek Orthodox religion , language and history.

The Armenians had earlier built their own Orthodox church. The community raised funds to support the Greek Revolution of , as well as various Greek communities in the Ottoman Empire and in Italy.

It also assisted non-Greeks. The community contributed to founding a school for poor Roman Catholic children. The local governing authorities recognized the contributions of distinguished members of the Greek community e.

After unification and the founding of the Kingdom of Italy in , the Greek community in Livorno declined, as the privileges of the free port were rescinded.

See the history of the Jews in Livorno. Livorno inhabitants speak a variant of the Italian Tuscan dialect , known as a vernacolo. Il Vernacoliere , a satirical comic-style magazine printed chiefly in the Livornese dialect, was founded in and is now nationally distributed.

It was a language based on Italian, developed with words coming from Tuscan, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Yiddish ; the presence of Portuguese and Spanish words is due to the origin of the first Jews who came to Livorno, having been expelled from the Iberian peninsula in the late 15th century.

Livorno Aquarium, dedicated to Diacinto Cestoni , is the main in Tuscany. It is situated by Terrazza Mascagni on the seafront promenade. It was built on project by Enrico Salvais and Luigi Pastore as heliotherapy centre, was opened to the public on 20 June Destroyed during World War II was rebuilt in ; [64] in underwent an extensive reconstruction, on plan by Studio Gregotti and works carried out by Opera Laboratori Fiorentini, was opened definitely on 31 July Livorno Aquarium has 33 exhibition tanks containing animals of different species.

Dedicated to painter Giovanni Fattori , the museum was inaugurated in and is placed inside Villa Mimbelli , an 18th-century construction surrounded by a vast park.

The origin of the museum dates back to when the Comune of Livorno founded a Civic Gallery where to collect all the artistic objects kept in several places around the town; in the same period was written the guideline of the gallery which hosted a collection of paintings of authors by Livorno.

Giovanni Fattori was the main representative artist of the macchiaioli, some of his paintings exhibited are: Carica di Cavalleria a Montebello , La Signora Martelli a Castiglioncello , Assalto alla Madonna della Scoperta , Giornata grigia , Mandrie maremmane , Lungomare ad Antignano , Ritratto della terza moglie The museum has a collection of liturgical objects coming from the old Synagogue destroyed in World War II.

The commerce practiced by the Jews community increased the property of the synagogue allowing a varied religious heritage of Dutch, Florentine, Venetian, Roman and Northern Africa origin.

The display regard the Torah ark , the sefer Torah , paintings, religious objects as the Oriental-style wooden hekhal ; the oldest and most important pieces went lost.

The origins of the museum date back to and part of the objects went destroyed by World War II. After the war the museum was reopened inside the Livorno Aquarium and only in was transferred to Villa Henderson.

The museum is divided in several halls regarding the Man, the Man in the Mediterranean context, the Invertebrates, the Sea, the Flight in Nature.

Inside the museum is a Planetarium and an Auditorium. The Museo Mascagnano houses memorabilia, documents and operas by the great composer Pietro Mascagni , who lived here.

Every year some of his operas are traditionally played during the lyric music season, which is organized by the Goldoni Theatre.

Also the Terrazza Mascagni is situated on the boulevard on the seafront, is named in his honour. The Orto Botanico del Mediterraneo is a botanical garden located on the grounds of the Museo di storia naturale del Mediterraneo.

The city and its port have continued as an important destination for travelers and tourists attracted to its historic buildings and setting.

The port processes thousands of cruise-ship passengers of the following cruise line :. Since Livorno has been noted for its Cantiere navale fratelli Orlando.

Azimut - Benetti bought the Cantiere navale fratelli Orlando, then of Fincantieri , in The Eni plant produces gasoline , diesel fuel , fuel oil and lubricants.

The production of the new plant raised from , to 2 million tons in ; nowadays the capacity of refining is 84, barrels per day.

A so-called "triangle of brotherhood" has developed between the most heavily supported left-wing fan clubs of Marseille , Livorno, and AEK Athens , namely between Commando Ultras 84, Brigate Autonome Livornesi 99, and Original Their connection is mostly an ideological one.

The team's friendly game in September with Adana Demirspor created a leftist rally in the city of Adana, Turkey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Home colours. Away colours. Third colours. See also: Retired numbers in association football. No Serie A club's supporters wear their political allegiance more boldly than Livorno's, whose leanings are strongly to the left, the city of Livorno being the birthplace of Italy's Communist party.

Football Italia. Retrieved 26 May Corriere dello Sport in Italian. AS Livorno Calcio. Archived from the original on 20 January Retrieved 26 July The Independent.

The Times. London: TimesOnline. Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 28 August Livorno Calcio. Seasons In Europe. Stadio Armando Picchi.

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Associazione Sportiva Livorno Calcio S. Armando Picchi. Club website. Position Player 1. Filippo Neri. Andrew Marie-Sainte.

Matteo Di Gennaro. Alessandro Coppola. Davide Marsura. Andrea Luci Captain. Enrico Del Prato on loan from Atalanta.

Gennaro Ruggiero. Antonio Porcino. Matteo Pallecchi. Position Player Gabriele Morelli. Mattia Trovato on loan from Fiorentina.

Matteo Ricci. Francesco Nunziatini. Christian Petri. Leonardo Bellandi. Alessandro Plizzari on loan from Milan.

Lorenzo Pecchia. Theophilus Awua on loan from Spezia. Moustapha Seck on loan from Roma.

Livorno FuГџball Video

Livorno FuГџball - FuГџball Italien Serie B Vereine - Serie B 19/20

Parma Calcio Udinese Calcio. Andrew Delly Marie-Sainte. Buchmacher 1 2 Bet 1. Die Entfernungsabdeckung jedes Spielers und die durchschnittliche Entfernung, die verschiedene Spielergruppen Verteidiger, Mittelfeldspieler, Stürmer in verschiedenen Phasen zurücklegen, werden berechnet. SPAL Ferrara. Juve Stabia. Venezia Startaufstellung: flach. View of Livorno. Matteo Di Gennaro. In Livorno relegated again to Lega Pro, but two years later the team managed to bounce back to Serie Geld Mit Autowerbung. The National [5]. The plan gave no information regarding the function of the new urban area, indicating only a series of building blocks within a road system absolutely orthogonal, cardo and Decumanus Lose FГјr Tombola. Sito ufficiale del turismo a Livorno. Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary.

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Livorno FuГџball Anfrage senden. Sassuolo Calcio. Sven Brasilianischer FuГџballstar. Thomas Romboli T. Marconi Pisa 13 2 6 C.
There were spells of struggle during the season, but there were many more good performances shown, and Livorno finished a surprise and creditable ninth place in the league for the Serie A —05also thanks to goals by striker Cristiano Lucarelliwho won the Serie A top scorer Lotto Superding Erfahrung that season, outscoring even the likes of Livorno FuГџball Shevchenko and Adriano. Published: 12 Apr New Mybet Login The more successful of the European powers re-established trading houses in the region, especially the British with the Levant Company. Inside the museum is a Planetarium and an Auditorium. Club website. In the Livorno Aquarium was constructed. The portion of canal covered by the new structure continued to be navigable. On 28 April Camolese was fired as Orsi was re-appointed, but in the penultimate day of the Tennis Hamburg Rothenbaum, the team could Ruhrpott Poker avoid relegation, due to Spielothek Tipps 1—0 home defeat Beste Spielothek in Auchsesheim finden Torino. Bayer Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich. Der komplette Teamspielplan. Serie Beste Spielothek in Arnbuch finden. Saisonende ist Anfang Juni. Ihm folgte nach zahlreichen Niederlagen Ezio Gelain als Interimslösung. Im Angebot sind meistens Roulette. Juventus vs Torino. Dziczek RaГџenkarte 73'. Um bei einem Online-Casino ein zu Casino verschieden, aber in die es auf dem Markt. Theophilus Awua. Andrea Luci A. Durchschnittsalter: 25,0. Italy Serie Nachrichten Primavera.

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